By merging technology and innovation, our Ingredient Studio has ventured into new olfactory territory, developing some of the most distinctive, reputable fragrances in the world. We are one of the leading players in the industry with our innovative, high-grade and practical product portfolio that compliances with local and global safety requirements.



Alpha Pinene Ex Euts Plant Origin
Alpha Humelene Plant Origin
Anisic Aldehyde99% Petrochemical Origin
Anisyl Acetate Petrochemical Origin
Anisyl Alcohol Petrochemical Origin
Beta Pinene Plant Origin
Carvacrol 99.5% Petrochemical Origin
Caryophyllene 80% Plant Origin
Caryophyllene 98% Plant Origin
Caryophellene Acetate Plant Origin
Caryophellene Oxide Plant Origin
Caryophellene Alcohol/Formate Plant Origin
Citral Petrochemical Origin
Cyclogalbanate Petrochemical Origin
Delta 3 Carene Plant Origin
Dillapol Plant Origin
D Limonene Plant Origin
Di Hydro Beta Ionone Petrochemical Origin
Di Hydro D Carvone Petrochemical Origin
Eucalyptol 99% Plant Origin
Eugenol Plant Origin
Eugenyl Acetate Plant Origin
Ethyl Benzoate Petrochemical Origin
Ethyl Aceto Acetate Petrochemical Origin
Geraniol Ex. Palmarosa Plant Origin
Gurjun Balsam Light (Alpha Copeanen) Plant Origin
Gurjun Balsam Dark Plant Origin
Gamma Terpinene Plant Origin
Geranyl Butyrate Petrochemical Origin
Geranyl Caprylate/Propionate/Formate Petrochemical Origin
Greenal Petrochemical Origin
Herbogreenal Petrochemical Origin
Iso Amyl Alcohol Plant Origin
Iso Pulegol Petrochemical Origin
Iso Eugenol Plant Origin
Javanol Petrochemical Origin
Linalool Ex Basil Plant Origin
Levo Rose Oxide Petrochemical Origin
Myrcene Plant Origin
Menthone 70:30 Petrochemical Origin
Menthone 98% Petrochemical Origin
Methyl Benzoate 99.5% Petrochemical Origin
Methyl Chavicol 99% Plant Origin
Methyl Oleate Plant Origin
Methyl Eugenol Plant Origin
Neryl Acetate Petrochemical Origin
Neryl Formate Petrochemical Origin
Olibanum Resinoid Plant Origin
Ocimene Plant Origin
Para Cyemene Plant Origin
Pommerol 99% (P.E.I.A.E) Petrochemical Origin
Terpineolene Plant Origin
Terpine 4 -OL Plant Origin