Every organic plant has been grown, harvested, distilled and handled according to the USDA/NOP Standards; we spare no effort to maintain the high quality and purity of our essential oils. They are 100% pure and natural and are free of synthetic fertilizers. Every batch is checked for any residue or any kind of pesticides.

Basil Oil

Ocimum Basillicum

Citronella Oil

Cymbopogon Winteranius

Indian Peppermint Oil

Mentha Piperita

Indian Rosemary Oil

Rosemarium Officinalis

Carrot Seed Oil

Daucus Carota

Thyme Oil

Thymus Vulgaris

Davana Oil

Artemisia Pallens

Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil

Eucalyptus Citriodora

Eucalyptus Globulus 60% Oil

Eucalyptus Globulus

Eucalyptus Globulus 80% Oil

Eucalyptus Globulus

Frankincense Oil

Boswellia Serrata

Holy Basil Oil

Ocimum Sanctum

Lemongrass Oil

Cymbopogon Flexuous

Nagarmotha Oil

Cyprus Scariosus

Palmarosa Oil

Cymbopogon Martini

Patchouli Oil

Pogostemon Cablin

Dill Seed Oil

Anethum Sowa

Dill Weed Oil

Anethum Sowa

Ajwain Seed Oil

Trachyspermum Ammi

Tagetes Minuta Oil

Tagetes Minuta

Ginger Oil

Zingiber Officinale

Vetiver Oil

Vetiveria Zizanioides