Circular Economy

Completing the Circle – We strive for zero waste and complete resourcefulness, ensuring that every step in our process contributes to a sustainable future.

Our Initiative: Sustainable Solutions in the Flavour and Fragrance Industry

At the heart of our mission lies a simple yet profound goal: to repurpose and recycle surplus fragrance and flavour materials. This initiative not only addresses the issue of chemical waste but also significantly reduces the cost of raw materials for micro and cottage enterprises.

These small-scale producers, dedicated to crafting home care products like incense sticks, soaps, and sanitisers, often face challenges in sourcing high-quality materials affordably.

Expanding Our Impact

In line with this commitment, NAPL has expanded into a new venture within the Flavour and Fragrance industry, focusing on trading surplus goods. This initiative aims to minimise the waste of raw materials and promote a more sustainable use of resources.

The Challenge and Our Solution

In the world of scents and flavours, it’s common to end up with surplus materials. It can be remnants in a nearly empty drum or excess stock; the question of how to efficiently use these leftovers persists. At the same time, there are lots of small businesses and artisans who really need these materials to make their products, but buying them can be too expensive.

That’s why we started Think of our website as a bridge connecting people with too much with those who need just that. This way, high-quality scents and flavours get to be used in excellent products, helping out groups like women’s self-help organisations and small, local businesses.