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Essential oil association of India (EOAI)

Nishant Aromas is committed to excellence and innovation in the field of essential oils, leveraging our affiliations and certifications to ensure the highest standards of quality and integrity in our products. We are proudly associated with the Essential Oil Association of India (EOAI), a prestigious organisation that has been at the forefront of the essential oil industry since its inception in 1956. As a premier organisation, it unites a diverse group of stakeholders, including scientists, researchers, industrialists, traders, manufacturers, exporters, importers, and farmers, all dedicated to advancing and disseminating knowledge on essential oils.

EOAI’s commitment to excellence and efforts to bridge the gap between tradition and innovation has been instrumental in supporting sustainable practices and enhancing the competitiveness of Indian essential oils on the world stage.

Flavour and fragrance association of India

Nishant Aromas, in our pursuit of excellence within the realms of scents and tastes, is honoured to be part of the Flavour and Fragrance Association of India (FAFAI). The foundation of FAFAI dates back to 1949, initiated by a visionary group of connoisseurs with the noble goal of nurturing and promoting the flavours and fragrances industry in India. What started as a fraternity to unify traders and dealers in the perfumes and flavours sector has blossomed into a prestigious national association, marking its significant presence over the past 60 years.

FAFAI’s growth reflects the dynamic evolution of India’s flavour and fragrance sector, symbolising the collective ambition and dedication of its members towards achieving global standards of excellence. This affiliation aligns with our vision to lead in the flavour and fragrance domain and enhances our capabilities to serve our customers better.


Nishant Aromas is proud to be associated with the International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades (IFEAT), a global organisation born out of a pivotal moment in the history of the essential oils industry. The organisation’s inception was a direct response to safeguard the interests of the industry and its consumers, setting the stage for a new era of transparency, quality assurance, and mutual support among professionals in the essential oils and aroma trades.

For Nishant Aromas, IFEAT represents a regulatory body and a beacon of industry standards, innovation, and community. Our affiliation with IFEAT enables us to participate in a global network of experts, businesses, and researchers dedicated to the sustainable development of the essential oils and aroma trade sector.

Spices Board of India

Nishant Aromas takes immense pride in our affiliation with the Spices Board of India, a pivotal institution established on 26th February 1987, under the Spices Board Act 1986 (No. 10 of 1986). This marked a new chapter in the promotion and development of the spices sector in India.

The Board’s mission encompasses a broad spectrum of activities, from the promotion of exports to ensuring the quality of spices that reach global markets. For Nishant Aromas, the support and guidance of the Spices Board are invaluable. It not only provides us with a framework for maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety in our products but also offers a platform for innovation and sustainability in spice cultivation and processing.

Our association with the Spices Board of India enhances our capabilities to compete in the international market, ensuring that our products meet global standards.


Nishant Aromas is honoured to be aligned with the Basic Chemicals, Cosmetics & Dyes Export Promotion Council, commonly known as CHEMEXCIL. Established in 1963 by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, CHEMEXCIL embodies a pivotal initiative aimed at fostering the export of a diverse array of products, including basic chemicals, cosmetics, and dyes, from India to the international market. This esteemed council plays a critical role in enhancing the global footprint of Indian exports in these sectors by providing its members invaluable support, guidance, and resources.

Nishant Aromas envisions a future where our products not only meet but exceed our global clientele’s expectations, driving the success of the Indian chemical, cosmetics, and dye industries on the international stage.