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“Quality Product Innovation” is our motto. Backed by a dedicated state of the art R & D facility, Nishant Aromas presents its products with elegant professionalism, on time, every time.

IMPORTANT: All of our products are for external use only.
In addition, please read & understand appropriate technical, material safety data sheets and disclaimers before using any Nishant Aromas Products.

All Products

All Product NameCAS NO
Alpha Humulene6753-98-6
Alpha Pinene Ex Euts80-56-8 / 2437-95-8
A Pinene 98% Synthetic80-56-8 / 2437-95-8
Alpha Terpinene99-86-5
Alpha Thujene353313
Anisic Aldehyde 99%123-11-5 / 26249-15-0
Anisyl Acetate104-21-2
Anisyl Alcohol105-13-5 / 185532-75-6
Allyl Caproate123-68-2
Allyl Cyclo Hexyl Propionate2705-87-5
Allyl Heptoate142-19-8
Allyl Amyl Glycolate67634-00-8
Beta- Ionone14901-07-6
Beta- Pinene Ex Mint127-91-3 / 23089-32-9
Beta- Pinene 98% synthetic127-91-3 / 23089-32-9
Caryophyllene 80%13877-93-5
Caryophyllene 98%13877-93-5
Caryophyllene Acetate32214-91-8
Caryophyllene Oxide1139-30-6 / 105120-46-5
Caryophyllene Alcohol56747-96-7
Caryophyllene Formate58096-46-1
Citral (Imp)5392-40-5
Citronellol 96%106-22-9 / 1335-43-9
Citronellol Natural106-22-9 / 1335-43-9
Citronellyl Acetate150-84-5
Citronellyl Propionate141-14-0
Citronellyl Formate105-85-1
Citronellyl Butyrate141-16-2
Cis-3-Hexenol928-96-1 / 95123-47-0
Cis-3-Hexenyl Acetate3681-71-8 / 25152-87-8
Cis-3-Hexenyl Butyrate16491-36-4
Cis-3-Hexenyl Benzoate25152-85-6
Cis-3-Hexenyl Formate33467-73-1
Cis-3-Hexenyl Salicylate65405-77-8
D-Carvone2244-16-8 / 53763-73-8
Di Hydro Beta Ionone17283-81-7
Di Hydro D-Carvone7764-50-3
Di Hydro Terpineol58985-02-7
Di Hydro Terpinyl Acetate58985-18-5
Delta 3 Carene13466-78-9
Dimethyl Octanol Extra106-21-8 / 59204-02-3
Di Hydro Eugenol2785-87-7
Dimethyl Octanyl Acetate20780-49-8
Dimethyl Octanyl Formate68214-06-2
D-Limonene5989-27-5 / 7705-13-7
Eucalyptol 99%470-82-6
Eugenyl Acetate93-28-7
Ethyl Aceto Acetate141-97-9
Ethyl 2 Methyl Butyrate7452-79-1
Gama Decalactone706-14-9
Gamma Terpinene99-85-4
Geraniol 98%106-24-1 / 8007-13-4
Geraniol Ex. Palmarosa106-24-1 / 8007-13-4
Geraniol Natural106-24-1 / 8007-13-4
Geranyl Acetate105-87-3
Geranyl Butyrate106-29-6
Geranyl Caprylate51532-26-4
Geranyl Propionate105-90-8
Geranyl Formate105-86-2
Gurjun Balsam8030-55-5
Hexyl salicylate6259-76-3
Hydroxy Citronellal (Imp)107-75-5 / 123238-75-5
Iso Amyl Acetate 99%123-92-2 / 29732-50-1
Iso Amyl Alcohol123-51-3
Iso Amyl Benzoate94-46-2
Iso Amyl Butyrate106-27-4
Iso Amyl Phenyl Acetate 98%102-19-2
Iso Amyl Propionate105-68-0
Iso Amyl Salicylate 99%87-20-7 / 34377-38-3
Iso Butenol Natural78-83-1
Iso Menthone 90% Dextro1196-31-2
Iso Eugenol97-54-1
L- Limonene5989-54-8
Linalool Ex. Basil78-70-6 / 11024-20-7
Linalyl Acetate115-95-7
Ligustral68039-49-6 / 144046-32-2
Menthone 70:3089-80-5 / 1074-95-9
Menthone 98%14073-97-3
Menthyl Acetate89-48-5 / 29066-34-0
Methyl Anisate121-98-2
Methyl Anthranilate134-20-3
Methyl Benzoate 98%93-58-3
Methyl Chavicol 99%140-67-0
Methyl Heptanone110-93-0
Methyl Heptyl Carbonate111-12-6 / 53073-28-2
Methyl Iso Eugenol93-16-3
Methyl Phenyl Acetate101-41-7
Methyl Eugenol93-15-2
Methyl Salicylate119-36-8
Methyl Toluate89-71-4
Myrac Aldehyde37677-14-8
Methyl Hexyl Ketone111-13-7
Nerol 90% (+)106-25-2
Nerol Super 70%106-25-2
Neryl Acetate141-12-8
Neryl Formate2142-94-1
2 Octanol123-96-6
3 Octanol589-98-0
Octanyl Acetate112-14-1
Orange Oil (10 Fold)8023-48-6
Orange Oil (20 Fold)8008-57-9
Para Cymene99-87-6
Para Cresyl Acetate 99%140-39-6
Para Cresyl Methyl Ether104-93-8 / 1071687-44-9
Phenyl Ethyl Acetate103-45-7
Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol60-12-8
Phenyl Ethyl Benzoate94-47-3
Phenyl Ethyl Butyrate103-52-6
Phenyl Ethyl Caprylate5457-70-5
Phenyl Ethyl Methyl Ether3558-60-9
Phenyl Ethyl Phenyl Acetate 98%102-20-5
Phenyl Ethyl Propionate 99%122-70-3
Pommerol 99% (P.E.I.A.E.)56011-02-0
Rose Crystal90-17-5 / 39347-18-7
Rose Oxide16409-43-1
Terpinen-4-ol562-74-3 / 1336-05-6
Terpinyl Acetate8007-35-0
Tetra Hydro Linalool 98%78-69-3 / 57706-88-4
Trans Anethole 99%4180-23-8 / 109957-71-3
Apricot kernel Oil72869-69-3
Amyris Oil8015-65-4
Ajwan Oil8001-99-8
Anithi Oil8006-75-5 / 8016-06-6
Basil Oil8015-73-4
Cade Oil Crude2233005
Cade Oil Rectified2233005
Cardamom Oil Steam Distilled8000-66-6
Cedarwood Oil8000-27-9
Citronella Oil Java8000-29-1
Cinnamon Oil8015-91-6
Clove Leaf Oil 70%8000-34-8 / 8015-97-2
Eucalyptus Oil 60%8000-48-4
Eucalyptus Oil 80%8000-48-4
Frankincense Oil8016-36-2
Geranium Oil8000-46-2
Jojoba Oil90045-98-0
Lavender Oil8000-28-0
Lemongrass Oil2230569
Mentha Piperita Oil8006-90-4
Nagarmotha Oil91771-62-9
Neem Oil8002-65-1
Nutmeg Oil8008-45-5
Orange Oil8028-48-6
Palmarosa Oil8014-19-5
Patchouli Oil2233340
Peppermint Oil8006-90-4
Spearmint Oil8008-79-5
Vetivert Oil8016-96-4
Tea Tree Oil68647-73-4
Turmeric Oil8024-37-1