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Our Heritage / Origin

With the roots of company stretching back as far as 1983, we draw on a rich heritage of innovation and excellence. The Company has been personally committed and trusted from last 25+ years in Fragrance and Flavours Industry.

Group 7
Humble Beginnings in Goa

Our story begins amidst the vibrant landscapes of Goa, India, where we took our first steps as a passionate essential oils manufacturer. With its bright and cheerful scent, Citronella became our first love, setting us on a journey of aromatic discovery.

Strengthening Our Mumbai Connection

With a growing clientele, we established a solid presence with a warehouse on the outskirts of Mumbai – India's commercial heart. This move brought us closer to our valued customers, allowing us to better understand and serve their needs. It was a strategic step towards enhancing our distribution and accessibility.

The Palghar Expansion:
Innovation Takes Root

Our passion for exploring the world of fragrance led us to Palghar. Here, we diversified our offerings with a new manufacturing unit focused on a wider array of essential oils, aromatic chemicals, and speciality products.

Adapting to Market Trends

Recognising the potential of aromatherapy, we proactively developed a dedicated unit for natural ingredients. This allowed us to cater to the rising demand for wellness products that honoured the gifts of nature.

Scaling to Meet Global Demand

With an expanding international footprint, we ventured into Haridwar, a strategic location that is a tax-exempt zone. This allowed us to scale our production and fulfil the growing needs of our domestic and global clients.

The Promise of Raipur

The dry climate and abundance of wild Nagarmotha in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, made it the perfect location for distilling Nagarmotha oil. Recognising this strategic advantage, we established a factory in the enterprise zone in 2006.

Strategic Growth

We extended our reach to the fertile lands of Dapoli, Maharashtra. Here, we set up a distillation unit to produce Lemongrass, Patchouli, Vetiver Roots, and Citronella – meeting the ever-growing needs of the fragrance and flavour industry.

A Global Vision

In a pivotal move, we consolidated our operations into a new headquarters. This brought together our talented team and streamlined our processes, positioning us as a dynamic global player in the aroma ingredients market.


Our transformation culminated in a new identity, reflecting our expanding reach. As NISHANT AROMAS PRIVATE LIMITED, we signaled our commitment to broader product lines and our determination to serve key markets worldwide.

At the Forefront of Aroma Excellence

Nishant Aromas is now a recognised leader in the fragrance and flavour industry. Our journey – from those early days in Goa to our present global presence – speaks volumes about our dedication to quality, innovation, and the aromatic legacy we are proud to uphold.