About Us

Founded in the year 1992 by Harlalka brothers, Nishant Aromas Private limited is now a second generation family-run organization specializes in Fragrance and Flavours Materials.

Beside Conventional and Organic Essential Oils and Aroma Ingredients, We also offer Natural Extracts, Absolutes, Resinoids and Isolates.

Being an ISO 9001 certified company we are committed to sustaining quality. Our R&D Lab and QC Lab are equipped with GC, GCMS and other modern instruments for providing support to our research team.

We Market and sell raw materials to more than 18 countries across globe. As the world changes so do the demands and desires of consumers. Our team members globally take advantage of good consumer insights, creative expertise and are keen to learn growing regional trends to universal changes which help us to stay one step ahead.

At the heart of everything we do is a commitment to innovation, creativity, sustainability and to establish long term relationship with all our customers

Certification & Member Society

Indian Organic






Accredited Members

Essential Oil Association of India

 Spices Board of India

Fragrance and Flavors Association of India




Nishant Aromas at Glance / 2019 Key Figures:

–  No of Employees: 80+ Employees

–  No of Mfg.  Units: 4 Manufacturing Units

–  No of R&D Centres: 2 Centres

–  Annual Turnover: US $ 14.5 Mn

–  Average growth per year – 26% CAGR

–  Presence in World

Our Heritage / Origin

With the roots of company stretching back as far as 1983, we draw on a rich heritage of innovation and excellence. The Company has been personally committed and trusted from last 25+ years in Fragrance and Flavours Industry.

1983 in Goa (India) Nishant Aromas started as a manufacturer of Essential oils like citronella and its based derivatives.

In 1986 a warehouse was created on the outskirts of Mumbai, India.

Expanding the business a manufacturing unit was set up in the industrial area of Palghar where essential oils, aromatic chemicals, and various specialty products were manufactured.

In 1996 natural ingredients started to be used extensively in the Aromatherapy segment. Hence we set up a unit to cater to the demand of retail natural ingredients users.

Looking at the need of further expansion to accommodate the need to domestic and international demand of essential oil, manufacturing unit was set up in the prime location of Haridwar which also falls under tax exempted zone.

As Raipur has dry climatic conditions and wild plantations like Nagarmotha often grow in wastelands, a great opportunity was discovered for distilling Nagarmotha Oil. In 2006, a factory was set up in the enterprise zone of Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

• After surveying the climatic conditions and soil quality, a good scope was seen in the area of Dapoli, Maharashtra for Lemongrass, Patchouli, Vetiver Roots and Citronella. In 2015 distillation unit was set up to meet the demand of the growing consumption in the FnF Industry

Through 2017, Nishant Aromas expanded with a new place, a good team of professionals and it became globalize through its delegation. Besides, it set up its main headquarters allocating the different services departments in one building.

In the year 2019, Nishant Aromas saw a consolidation of all sectors as NISHANT AROMAS PRIVATE LIMITED which subsequently expanded in the product line and also representation in several important areas all around the world.

Today we are the one of the leading supplier of aroma ingredients in the fragrance and flavour industry around the globe.

Infrastructure & Manufacturing Plans

At Nishant Aromas Private Limited service and excellence are given the highest priority. All raw materials are subjected to extensive quality control protocols where not only physical variables are monitored but also composition is evaluated by gas chromatograph and mass spectrometry to ensure all government compliances and internal standards are maintained.

We are constantly seeking out closer connections to the farmers and growing regions of our ingredients. We take the extra step in ensuring that the ingredients we provide are of the highest quality.

Liquid chromatography

Gas chromatography

GC –Mass spectrometry

PR Analysis

Heavy Metals Analysis

High-pressure autoclaves for carrying out the unit operation like Hydrogenation/ Oxidation which are highly energy efficient with minimum pollution.

Research And Development

Research and development division of NAPL is empowered with a state-of-the-art laboratory, manned with highly technical advanced research team. With the single minded focus on the deep regiment of flavour and fragrance products, we have achieved good level in building a huge product profile.


Being a company founded and run by technocrats, we have given major emphasis on R&D to not only out-perform in creating new and innovative products but to also optimize the process for energy efficiency and to create a clear mark for others in the industry.